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Monster Hunter: World gets major update, Quest schedules revealed

Published: 14:04, 16 March 2018
Updated: 09:51, 24 September 2018
A gargantuan reptilian creature holding another creature in jaws
Monster Hunter: World

Capcom have released the Event Quest schedule and announced the first major update for their chart-busting title Monster Hunter: World. The update brings a new monster, Deviljho, a new specialized tool, event and a loot-hoard of fixes.

You may recall Deviljho being announced even before Monster Hunter: World hit the shelves and Capcom duly delivered. As you can see, there's no need to worry about the little guy, just walk over to him and shake his hand.

Killing Deviljho and lugging the materials to the Workshop grants two armour sets, Vangis α and Vangis β "as well as a new entry in each of the 14 existing weapon types. This includes Deviljho flavoured Sword and Shield, Hunting Horn, Bow, Insect Glaive and Charge Blade!

Capcom Two pictures of animated characters with different armour sets Monster Hunter: World

The update brings balance changes to almost the entire Monster Hunter: World weapon arsenal, with most weapons getting straight up buffs. Capcom also addressed griefing when players prevented others from carving, so the animation cannot be interrupted any more.

In case you've been yearning to change the appearance of your Monster Hunter, you'll be able to do so with a free Character Edit Voucher. This is only valid for appearance though, no name changes or anything. Note that these are single usage vouchers that once spent, can only be purchased with real money, i.e. use it wisely.

Capcom have announced a Spring Blossom Fest event, starting on 05 April 2018 and ending around 19 April 2018, subject to certain time zone adjustments, although there's not much to go by at the moment.

The company rolled out the Monster Hunter Event Quest Schedule up to 05 April 2018 and interestingly enough it features two 9 star beasts. You can find out more on the upcoming quests below.

Capcom A schedule for Monster Hunter World Event Quest challenges MH:W Event Quest Schedule, up to 05 April 2018


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