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Monster Hunter World's newest update will bring another monster

Published: 20:05, 17 April 2018
An elder dragon in MHW
Monster Hunter World - Elder Dragons

A new monster will be stomping into Monster Hunter World with the next update and it will be an Elder Dragon, bearing the name Kulve Taroth. The update that will include the Elder Dragon will land on 19 April 2018 for both PS4 and Xbox One.

Capcom have revealed the next monster for Monster Hunter World. Last time we got a dinosaur, this time players will have to fight an Elder Dragon. Kulve Taroth, the dragon in question, will be a giant flightless monster which players will have to fend off in a Siege quest.

Four parties of four hunters will be able to participate in the quest. Each party will have the option to do a different set of tasks in order to track down and defeat Kulve. 

Capcom Kulve Taroth breaking a cavern ceiling Monster Hunter World - Heeeeere's Kulve!

As per usual for his kin, the dragon will have a sturdy mantle of scales, but their golden colour is a little bit more unusual. The twist is that the golden shards protruding from his back are actually relics he has managed to collect during his long lifetime. 

New weapons and armour sets will also be introduced, with the armour sets taking the names Kulve Taroth α and Kulve Taroth β as well as appropriate Palico equipment. All of these shenanigans will take place in The Caverns of El Dorado, a new map which is a system of caverns filled with treasure the Elder Dragon has hoarded over the years. 

Capcom Two hunters clad in gold armour Monster Hunter World - New armour sets will be coming with the update

This will be a limited-time event, but it is unclear whether the dragon monster will stay once it finishes. What the developers did state is that the event would be coming back at a later date, presumably once the PC version releases sometime later in 2018.

Monster Hunter World is the first major release in the series to really have an effect on the Western market. As of yet, it is Capcom's fastest and biggest selling triple A game to date. If Capcom continue with free updates for the game, like this this one, they can have a worthy contender for Game of the Year.

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