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Monster Hunter World blossoms with the new Spring Event

Published: 12:49, 06 April 2018
Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Event
Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Event

Capcom's newest AAA title kicks off it's Spring Blossom Fest event to mark the beginning of Spring. The update is now live on all servers and brings with it a fresh flowery look to the game's social hub and a few new items and features too.

Capcom's Monster Hunter World seems to be in a weird place at the moment. There isn't much buzz about the game, but the game is immensely popular with it's targeted audience and existing playerbase. Good news are on the horizon, as the new Spring Blossom Fest is underway on servers today until 19 April 2018.

The update brings a new look for the social hub, turning it from a wood and stone structure, into a wood and stone and flowery structure. 

Capcom Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Event new dance emotes Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Event - New dance emotes in-game

Players will be able to take up all the event quests that had released during their respective events which were unavailable once the event ended. In the course of the event, players will unlock new armour sets specifically made for this event, and we can expect them to be unavailable once it ends on 19 April. 

Also coming with the update are new emotes which are shown in the trailer as the player characters strike new poses and get new dance moves. Players will notice that at night, fireworks will light the skies in the main hub as well as the hunting grounds, which might annoy some players if the fireworks prove to be too loud.

Capcom Fireworks in the night sky in MHW Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Event - Fireworks in the night sky

Sadly, there are no news about a new monster, but we can assume that Capcom are working on bringing the next great beast into the fray. After the Deviljho update, players are hungry for more monsters and have started complaining about redoing the same monsters over and over again.

On the other side we have the PC players who can't wait to sink their teeth into the game once it releases. However that won't be happening until Autumn or Winter 2018. Hopefully the PC audience will get the opportunity to experience the game's past events somehow upon release, and that by that time more monsters will be introduced.

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