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Monster Hunter Rise announced for Nintendo Switch, coming next year

Published: 14:30, 17 September 2020
Monster Hunter: Rise screenshot showing male warrior
Monster Hunter: Rise

Capcom have officially announced a brand new Monster Hunter game on today's Nintendo Direct. Named, Monster Hunter Rise, it's a exclusive for Switch, coming March 26, 2021.

After many leaks and rumours, Capcom have confirmed the existence of Monster Hunter Rise, a brand new title for Nintendo Switch. The game has been showcased at today's Nintendo Partner Direct with a first trailer which revealed the setting, characters and of course, cute Palicoes.

We also got a release date, which is currently set for March 26, 2021. In a Monster Hunter stream, which went live shortly after the Nintendo Direct, Capcom revealed a couple of new details about the game.

Monster Hunter Rise will emphasize verticality and allow players to reach high cliffs and all sorts of places thanks to the latest addition named - Wire Bug. Wire Bug will also open new possibilities in combat with new attacks, skills and more. 

Nintendo artwork showing Monster Hunter Rise logo Monster Hunter Rise logo

The team also talked about some of the locations that you'll get to visit when going on your hunt. The map in Monster Hunter Rise will be one large, seamless world. 

New flagship monster is named Magnamalo but there are also other monsters like bird wyvern Bird Izuchi and frog-like creature Tetranodon. A new feature in Monster Hunter Rise will see monsters fight against each other in the world. 

For more details on monsters, locations and Monster Hunter Rise editions, check out the stream here.

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