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Minecraft Legends' latest cinematic trailer showcases lush open world

Published: 17:39, 04 April 2023
Minecraft Legends features a large world with several biomes for players to explore
Minecraft Legends features a large world with several biomes for players to explore

Mojang are hyping up the release of their action strategy Minecraft Legends with a stunning cinematic trailer, which gives us a glimpse of the game's various biomes and world. 

Mojang have today released a new trailer for their highly anticipated action strategy Minecraft Legends which launches later this month for PC , PlayStation and Xbox

The trailer doesn't bring any new gameplay or in-engine footage since it's entirely cinematic but it gives us another glimpse at the world and biomes that we'll get to explore in Minecraft Legends very soon. 

We got to see a snowy region but also a lush green biome with heavy rainfall. The trailer wraps up by showcasing the open world and we can see all the different regions in the distance. Pretty neat!

You can watch the latest Minecraft Legends trailer below.

Minecraft Legends cinematic trailer

Official trailer description: 

"In 2 weeks, Minecraft Legends will introduce you to a stunningly lush world on the brink of destruction. Explore vivid biomes filled with friendly mobs and precious resources, but watch your step – the Overworld also has its perils."

In case you're not familiar with Minecraft, Mojang describe it as an action strategy game where players can build and upgrade their own castles and then defend it from the enemy. The game includes online campaign co-op and competitive multiplayer options so you can battle it out with your friends and strangers on the internet.

Minecraft Legends is officially hitting the shelves on April 18, 2023, for Nintendo Switch , PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 , Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game is also launching on day one on Game Pass for PC, cloud and console. 


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