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Brütal Legend free for a limited time

Published: 15:31, 21 November 2017
Double Fine Productions
Screenshot of Ozzy Osbourne's cameo from Brutal Legend
Brutal Legend

Brütal Legend is free for now over at Humble Bundle. Double Fine's action game with RTS elements was released in 2009. The game features 107 heavy metal tracks from 75 different bands.

Double Fine's Brütal Legend is free on Humbe Bundle for a limited time only. You already knew that, that's the only reason you clicked on this article in the first place, so good job me.

Now, I'm a little late to the party as the game was  as early as yesterday, but it doesn't matter, we're here now. At the time of writing, there is one day and two horus left on the countdown clock. 

Double Fine Productions Brütal Legend Brütal Legend

Brütal Legend's description on the Humble store reads:

"Brütal Legend is an action-adventure that marries visceral action combat with open-world freedom. Set in a universe somewhere between Lord of the Rings and Spinal Tap, it’s a fresh take on the action/driving genre, which in this case is full of imitation cover bands, demons intent on enslaving humanity and Heavy metal tunes. Featuring the talents of comedian, actor and musician, Jack Black as super roadie Eddie Riggs, as well as cameos by some of the biggest names in metal music it's a wild ride in the belly of the beast that is not to be missed by gamers and Metalheads alike.

Included as a free bonus in the PC version of Brütal Legend are both the Hammer of Infinite Fate and Tears of the Hextadon multiplayer map packs."

Far out, rock on and all the other phrases the kids are using these days. Brütal Legend came out in 2009 and somewhat mislead the fans in terms of what kind of bang they were getting for their buck.

Double Fine Productions Protagonists of Brutal Legend staring in disbelief Brütal Legend

The game was advertised as a heavy metal hack and slash extravaganza but what the fans got was more along the lines of an RTS. There's nothing wrong with a game being an RTS, there is everything wrong with false advertising.

Be that as it may, Brütal Legend is free for now, has a great soundtrack and did I mention it's free?

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