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Microsoft Flight Simulator's Update 4 will focus on France and Benelux; coming in March

Published: 19:09, 29 January 2021
Flight Simulator 2020 screenshot showing a plane flying through clouds
Flight Simulator 2020

March World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is scheduled to arrive soon and it will focus on parts of Europe, France and the Benelux countries to be more precise.

Asobo studio are working hard on post-launch updates for their breathtaking flying sim Microsoft Flying Simulator and the next update should be coming in just over a month to all players. Recently, Asobo talked about what exactly they plan to introduce in this major update.

The next world update is scheduled to release on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 but following on from World Update III, it has been confirmed that the team will spend time focusing on parts of Europe next for the World Update 4, which is coming sometime in March, but the release date is not yet firmly set. France and the Benelux countries Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, are included in this World Update.

The devs also talked about some of the features that are requested by the community members. They said that the most requested feature is having a free stuff section in the Flight Simulator Marketplace.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 screenshot showing snowy mountains Flight Simulator 2020

Additionally, the players would love to see the ability to download content Airbus A380X, a mod for the game which adds some pretty cool features. The team said these are currently in the prototype phase which means it won't be coming soon but still, it's nice to see that the devs are listening to their community.

For more info about the upcoming content updates, check out the official video here.

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