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Metro author asks the PC players not to "betray" 4A & Deep Silver

Published: 16:35, 20 February 2019
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Metro Exodus seemingly can not catch a break after the mess Deep Silver caused by transferring the game to Epic Games store. Author of the Metro novels, Dmitry Glukhovsky, asked the PC fans not to "betray" 4A Games and Deep Silver.

To be fair to Glukhovsky, he did have a reasonable tone through most of the video, where he acknowledged that Deep Silver misled the fans with the Epic Store move. Glukhovsky proceeded to apologise to the players who were blindsided. He also thanked 4A Games for the amazing Metro games in the past, as well as the one that is coming up in about a week from the time of video posting as well writing this article.

Things turned sour when he continued talking about Deep Silver though, where he both expressed his trust in the publisher's decision making, which apparently came as a result of them funding the game. Considering that Glukhovsky is a writer himself, it is odd that he chose such a poor choice of words as to say he trusts in the "correctness" of Deep Silver's decisions, for two reasons explained below.

For now, let's focus on the rest of Glukhovsky's statement. He continued by apologising again, saying that they, presumably the developer, the publisher and himself, are sorry that the PC players found themselves hurt. Then he dropped the bomb - saying he hopes that players "will not betray [them]" in a similar manner that they will stay always faithful to the players, by bringing "uncompromised story and uncompromised quality of experience".

To return back to the poor choice of words, Deep Silver didn't make a correct decision towards the PC player base for the same reason that they crippled 4A Games' ability to deliver an "uncompromised quality of experience". It was not long ago that 80 million Epic Games launcher user accounts were literally compromised.

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Furthermore, Epic Games' store and launcher do not offer user reviews and when they do, they will be opt-in from the developer and publisher side. There is no controller or Linux support, no community hub and most importantly, Epic enforces always-online DRM.

In short, Glukhovsky's statement is contradictory because Deep Silver already compromised the quality of user experience and stating that it's the fans who stand to betray them is almost as odd as supposedly trusting in the correctness of Deep Silver's decisions.

If you consider that this video came out merely a week before Metro Exodus' launch, one could start suspecting that the fans indeed voted with their wallets. Unfortunately, it looks like both Metro Exodus, which looks amazing so far, and 4A Games, who delivered a string of great Metro games will suffer from a bad move by Deep Silver.

To that end, if you happen to own both a PC and a console, but decided not to buy the game in protest of the move to Epic Store, it could be a good idea to get Metro Exodus on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4. That way your voice will be heard, you will not deprive yourself of playing the game and 4A Games' work will not be thrown in the garbage bin because of ruined marketing.

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