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Metro Exodus' Gamescom 2018 trailer shows stunning vistas

Published: 10:39, 21 August 2018
4A Games
A man standing on railway tracks in shooter Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

I've made it no secret that Metro Exodus is one of the games that's in the top 10 of my wishlist and although it's still some way off the expected 22 February 2019, 4A Games have treated us to a beautiful new trailer on Gamescom 2018.

Now when I say beautiful I'm not thinking along the lines of awesome trailer dude - I'm talking solely about in-game environments. With Metro Exodus being the first time Artyom is leaving the claustrophobic underground settings of the Moscow's Metro for an extended period of time, it made sense to make it as splendid as possible.

And splendid it is, with some of the shots seriously making me crave a time machine or something. It has been confirmed that Metro Exodus will be relying on a combination of open world regions "woven together by more traditional, linear levels" and that the new Volga level is actually several times bigger than the biggest level Metro: The Last Light had to offer.

That's not to say that Metro wasn't splendid before, because the franchise was always notable for stunning graphics and eye candy galore. Naturally, all that required clever employment of in-game environments to allow for high fidelity on machines of old but the time has come to unleash the full force of modern graphics horsepower.

Speaking of graphics horsepower, it has been revealed that Metro Exodus will be capable of utilising the force of Nvidia's new . So if you're keen on enjoying the game in its full glory, you may as well start thinking about it, especially if Cyberpunk 2077 is also on your wishlist.

4A have already showed on this year's E3 and, again, it looked positively stunning. I've taken a particular interest in the game's crafting screen, which I could liken to many games combined but the dev seems to have done a great job in making it a mouth-watering prospect.

4A Games A man staring across postapocalyptic wastelands in Metro Exodus Metro Exodus

Having been for reasons of polishing the game properly, the game is on track for release on 22 February 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Gallery of Metro Exodus screenshots and art by 4A Games

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Metro Exodus

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