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Metro Exodus' E3 2018 gameplay demo is just stunning

Published: 17:12, 13 June 2018
Updated: 12:58, 24 September 2018
4A Games
A lonesome soldier walking on railroad in a frozen town
Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus has finally got a lengthy E3 2018 gameplay reveal and boy do we have something to look forward to once 4A Games and Deep Silver launch it on 22 February 2019. Also, could those weapon modification options look any cooler?

Artyom's first outing above ground and his exploration of post-apocalyptic Russia looks truly gorgeous, i.e. 4A are definitely doing something right here. You may recall the dev Metro Exodus to 2019, so as to polish the product properly and polish it they did.

Metro Exodus combines large open levels that are "woven together by more traditional, linear levels". Nevertheless, the game retained much of the claustrophobic feel that's characteristic for the franchise, employing gas masks when there are no tunnels to close you in. Fun fact, the Volga level is many times larger than the largest levels in Metro: The Last Light.

The weapon crafting and modification segment that starts at 6:15 shows Metro Exodus' wealth of customization on your boom sticks. 4A says there are hunreds of modification options, allowing on the fly customisation as well.

4A Games have meticulously modelled every Metro Exodus component after a real life counterpart, including things like Soviet era kitchen utensils. Moreover, all your patchworked weaponry suffers from degradation over time, meaning you'll have to maintain it just like you would in real life. Some of the stuff on that crafting bench looks really jaw dropping though.

Players will have to navigate the treacherous terrain while managing their batteries, disabling traps, monitoring air supply and watching out for wandering electrical anomalies. Metro Exodus again lets you choose between stealth or brute force, the latter quickly transforming the game into a hectic first person shooter, 4A threw in sleeping into Metro Exodus, which helps change time of day. You know, for some extra sauce on those sneaky missions.

4A Games A bloodied and broken gas mask lying in blood-stained snow Metro Exodus

Mutants, bandits, drifters, survivors and even the new species humanimals are sprinkled across the world of Metro Exodus, promising more immersive gameplay than ever. The trailer mentions AI biomes, which means each species reacting differently to their surroundings.

In case you haven't had enough, you can find more weapons on Metro Exodus' .


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