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Metro Exodus dev says further Metro games may not come to PC

Published: 15:56, 03 February 2019
Updated: 23:21, 03 February 2019
4A Games
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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus' controversy surrounding the shady move to Epic Store continues as a 4A Games employee threatened fans, saying they will not get further Metro Games if they boycott Exodus, implying they are too lazy to install Epic's launcher.

UPDATE: 4A Games about the switch to Epic Store for the first time on 03 February 2019, saying that PC version of Metro games will always be at the heart of their plans. The original article is as follows.

Video game publishers and developers seem to keep getting more detached from their player base by the day and some statements from a 4A Games employee add to this theory. In a post on a Russain gaming forum, a 4A Games developer going by the name scynet talked about their take on the Epic Games store switcheroo controversy.

They started by explaining that they apparently understand why gamers are put off by the migration from Steam to Epic, but it quickly became obvious that scynet didn't really understand why the frustration happened, as their guess is that players don't want to install a new game launcher.

The post continued with an expressed belief that the developers worked hard to deliver something special, while players can't be bothered to take a few minutes to install a new launcher. It appears that the main issues, such as lack of a community hub, reviews and a pile of other features that Steam offers while Epic Store does not completely eluded scynet.

This developer also did not make any mention of Deep Silver taking advantage of marketing Metro on Steam for months and then letting Epic store poach it right before release, which has even more anti-consumer implications. The fact that scynet seemed oblivious to these facts showcases one of the most worrisome and quickly rising issues in modern gaming - game publishers and developers are getting completely detached from fans and do not know what their consumers want or what their issues are.

Deep Silver Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus

4A Games' cherry on top was when scynet continued the post by threatening the PC community that if they organise a boycott, the next Metro will not be developed for PC at all. Detachment was already obvious in scynet's post, but the fact that they think that players are simply out to get 4A Games shows that the detachment is getting out of hand, since no one blamed for the fiasco on the developer so far as all blame went towards Koch Media and Deep Silver.

You can read the original post on the , but Google will provide a rough, but more or less accurate translation.

Metro Exodus, screenshots fresh from 4A Games' oven

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