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Metal Slug Tactics gets gameplay reveal trailer

Published: 12:41, 11 June 2021
Metal Slug Tactics
Metal Slug Tactics

Metal Slug is taking a break from the traditional run and gun style and the next game in the series is all about turn-based tactics.

Dotemu and Leikir Studio are presenting a new entry in the Metal Slug that strays away from the regular formula on multiple fronts. First, the game is not run 'n' gun but turn-based tactics one.

That means no more high-octane action solo or with a friend, and speaking of friends there won't be any. It's a single-player game, unlike the co-op action we got in the past. Considering the new genre, it's probably for the best since turn-based co-op doesn't always work out well.

With two major steps away from tradition, it appears that Metal Slug Tactics is paving the way for new approaches but some key elements are staying. The pixel art is still the same old and even though Tactics is isometric, the characters look very much the same as in the sidescrolling adventures we had before.

Furthermore, iconic bosses from Metal Slugs series will still be around and you will be able to go up against them and the same goes for the regular four protagonists. While all four will be present, it appears that players will be choosing who to take on their missions.

 There is currently no release date or pricing details but those are bound to come soon as well.

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