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Everything you need to know about Metal Gear Survive

Published: 19:45, 05 January 2018
Four people standing on a dune looking at their messed up castle in the sand.
Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive is the series' first branch heading for a new genre, much like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was back in 2013, except this time Konami is going for zombie horde survival instead of Hack 'n' Slash.

Hideo Kojima has left Konami, and it looks like he took the tactical espionage super conspiracy vibe of the series with him. Konami's attempt at squeezing a few more drops out of Kojima's baby is trading in innovation for the chewed up survival systems most gamers have abandoned along with the industry by the time time ARK finally made it out of Early Access.

Jabs at Konami aside, time to talk Metal Gear Survive. For those of you out of the loop, the release date is 20 February for US and 22 February for EU. A two day delay is what you get for being late to the nuclear arms race.

There will be crafting, lots of it. It's a game with "Survival" in the title, so it shouldn't be too hard to picture it if you came out of the tail end of the now distant seeming survival craze with more chopped wood in your backpack than one could burn in a lifetime.

Konami An example of the complex crafting system for Metal Gear Survival. Metal Gear Survival crafting

Both single player and multiplayer will have a crafting component, but several recipes will be unlockable only through multiplayer and unlocks will carry over to single player. You may hate the idea of not being able to simply play it without other people but at least you won't have to fight over recipes, which brings us to the next nugget.

Multiplayer will work with up to four players in co-op. Here you can team up and explore the world, do missions together, shoot zombies in what's left of their face, and presumably deforest a scorched hellscape. It might be a great way to vent out some anger accumulated during a stressful work day and what better way to do so than smashing zombie heads with a few of your mates?

Konami Weird looking zombies hugging a fence. Metal Gear Surviver wanderers / zombies

As for Kojima's two cents - when asked about his supposed involvement in development of this title he replied in a rather short and concise manner, "The Metal Gear games are political fiction and espionage, where do zombies fit with that?"

The plot involves a random wormhole that swallowed the Motherbase from Phantom Pain, and with characters critical to the Metal Gear canon safely evacuated from the game, you will assume control of a random MSF soldier attempting to survive in an alternate headless zombie dimension where everything is either blue or brown.

Suma summarum, the game will be the standard Survival package akin to Fortnite but with mechanics adapted from MGS: Phantom Pain. Fortnite recently all but abandoned its survival mode in favour of the latest battle royale hypetrain. Is it too late for Konami to do the same?

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