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Metal Gear Solid fan is recreating the game in another PS4 game

Published: 07:46, 13 May 2019
Bearly Regal
Picture taken from the Metal Gear Solid remake in Dreams
Metal Gear Solid Dreams remake

Dreams is a sandbox video game on PlayStation 4 that allows for virtually unlimited creations by the players. One of them, going by Bearly Regal on YouTube, uses Dreams to remake Metal Gear Solid from 1998 and offered a glimpse at his work.

Metal Gear Solid is the game every fan of the series remembers as the big one that propelled Kojima's political fiction to the top of the gaming world. It appears that the game's influence hasn't waned even 21 years later as fans are still recreating it.

One notable exception among those recreating Metal Gear Solid is Bear Parker, known as Bearly Regal on YouTube, who is not using actual developer tools per se. He is recreating the beloved game in Dreams, another game on PlayStation 4.

Media Molecule may have intended it to be their own version of Minecraft or something along those lines but that didn't stop a dedicated fan from creating the first level of Metal Gear Solid where Snake initially infiltrates Shadow Moses.

Parker has recently released a teaser of the iconic level that looks just about the same as in the original game from 1998 but with higher resolution textures.

There are no enemies in the level and Snake's own animations are still rough. He can't visibly lean against the wall but the camera snaps to the proper angle when the player in the video does it. There is no prone animations as Snake crouch walks below the pipes to navigate the level and oddly enough, he can actually jump now.

The jump animation is visible as Snake enters the iconic elevator we all drooled over back when we first played Metal Gear Solid demo on the original PlayStation.

Considering the game is still in pre-alpha, as confirmed by Parker on the teaser video, the remake look rather fantastic but it remains to be seen just how much of the remake Dreams can handle or whether a full version of the game will ever be available.

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