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MediEvil remake gets a release date and new gameplay trailer

Published: 09:51, 10 May 2019
medievil screenshot showing a skeleton with one eye

Sony have officially confirmed that a remake of PlayStation 1 classic MediEvil is coming out on 25 October 2019 on PlayStation 4. The publisher also shared a new gameplay trailer, highlighting the game's story and visual improvements.

MediEvil, the iconic PlayStation 1 hack and slash action-adventure is coming back with improved visuals, gameplay, sound and 4K support this Autumn. The remake will officially release on 25 October 2019, it's been confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in the latest episode of PlayStation State of Play show.

Sony and Other Ocean Interactive also released a new gameplay trailer for the game, focusing on the story and visual improvements that have been made in the PS4 remake. 

While MediEvil Remake doesn't look as good as some other remakes like Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled for example, it's improvements should satisfy the fans Sir Daniel Fortesque's undead adventure.

At the very end of the trailer, Sony revealed Digital Deluxe Edition that will be available for pre-order soon. As always, we strongly advise against pre-orders but it's your money and your decision ultimately.

Digital Deluxe Edition will include the full game, the Art of MediEvil digital book, original soundtrack, dynamic PS4 theme, digital comic book, and an in-game armour set named Super Armour.

MediEvil will also be available in physical edition and Sony shared the official box art, which can be seen on the .

The goal with this remake was to use modern generation hardware while staying true to the original, its design ideas and artistic style according to Sony chairman Shawn Layden. Sony has been working on the game in collab with Other Ocean Interactive and original development team Guerilla Cambridge.

Sony picture showing a protagonist from medievil crossing a bridge MediEvil PS4 Remake

As you may know, the story follows undead knight Dan, accidentally resurrected by his nemesis Lord Zarok, 100 years after he met an unfortunate end on the battlefield. It's up to you to lead Sir Dan on his mission to stop Lord Zarok and his minions from conquering the Kingdom of Gallowmere, the same kingdom Sir Dan swore to protect.

Sony's PS1 classic MediEvil gets a PS4 makeover in a full remake

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MediEvil PS4 Remake

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