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MediEvil PS4 is a full remake, trailer coming Halloween

Published: 18:20, 29 October 2018
Updated: 13:03, 30 October 2018
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Picture showing Medievil logo on a dark blue background
Medievil PS4

Speaking on PlayStation Blogcast 311, Sony chairman Shawn Layden has revealed fresh information about the upcoming MediEvil game. The game will stay true to its original idea and game design while using the full power of the new hardware.

MediEvil fans will get their first look at the full remake of PlayStation classic on 31 October 2018 according to Shaw Layden, chairman of Sony. Despite being advertised as a remaster, MediEvil is a full remake and will use all the power of the current generation of PlayStation consoles.

MediEvil will still feature some of the memorable key art, game design ideas and ethos and it's been crafted in collaboration with the development team called Other Ocean Interactive. Appearing on the Play Station Blogcast 311, Layden explained that they're still in touch with the original development team Guerilla Cambridge, despite the new studio working on the game.

"We're working with some of the talents that were originally associated with the game 20 years ago, so we're making sure that we're keeping it to the original intent of the creators", said the chairman.

Very little has been said about the game since its announcement almost a year ago. Hopefully, the upcoming trailer will shed some light on the release date, new features and potentially mechanics. The only bit of info we have is 4K support on PS4 Pro. Fingers crossed it's actually a native 4K resolution.

Wikipedia Picture showing MediEvil protagonist with MediEvil logo above him The Original MediEvil game box cover

The original MediEvil game is an action-adventure hack and slash that was released back in 1998. MediEvil 2 was released for Play Station in 2000 as a direct sequel. The latest instalment saw the light of the day on PlayStation Portable in 2005.

The series is famous for its undead knight protagonist that was inspired by Tim Burton's animated musical The Nightmare Before Christmas. Back then, the game was praised for its story and graphics but criticized for clunky controls and disjointed level design.

For more info about MediEvil PS4 remake, make sure you check back in on Halloween, 31 October 2018 when the new trailer is set to arrive. 

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