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ME: Andromeda - full game free on EA and Origin Access

Published: 19:39, 12 October 2017
A soldier in a futuristic black uniform standing in a desert.
Mass Effect: Andromeda

EA announced that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available via Origin and EA Access. Subscribers on PC and Xbox One will be getting a game that has been slightly improved by the post-release updates. Xbox One owners will have two additional perks.

didn't do as well as everyone hoped it would. And that, folks, was the understatement of my grandmother's life. Less than seven months have passed since the game launched and now it will be making rounds on Origin Access.

Origin Access is a subscription-based service that, for £4 per month, provides unlimited access to a wide range of EA games. They tend to be either older games or limited "Play First" trials. And then there's Andromeda - still listed on Origin for around £34.99. It has to hurt.

BioWare My face is tired shot form Mass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect

Be that as it may, Mass Effect: Andromeda is up for grabs for the low low price of the Origin Access monthly subscription. Cue the rage of everyone whose face hurt after paying the full price for the uncanny delivery of that exact line.

What is the deal here? EA outlined the goodies the subscribers on Xbox One (with EA Access) and PC (with Origin Access) will be getting over the remainder of this year.

Both platforms will get the full version of Andromeda "soon". Exact dates were not shared for this or any of the other upcoming Access content. While it's still not the game many were hoping for, post-release updates have improved aspects of the game, including its facial animations. They hurt slightly less now.

BioWare Mass Effect
Mass Effect

Access members will also receive Play First Trials for two upcoming releases: Star Wars Battlefront II and Need for Speed: Payback. In the case of Battlefront II, EA says you'll be able to begin playing "before launch day," but it's unclear what exactly you can try and for how long. Payback will be playable ahead of launch for a total of 10 hours.

Xbox One owners will have two additional perks. Ahead of its launch, EA Access subscribers will be able to try out The Sims 4 through its Play First Trial. Additionally, Dead Space 3 will join the Vault. That means that the entire Dead Space series is available through EA and Origin Access.

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