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Upcoming Anthem content includes new freeplay events and missions

Published: 12:03, 26 February 2019
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Bioware have revealed the first 90-day roadmap for Anthem which shows new stronghold addition is coming in May 2019. Evolving Together update which starts in just a couple of days will introduce new cosmetics, rewards and free play events.

Judging by Bioware's roadmap, Anthem is set for various new updates that could bring more variety to the gameplay loop which many found repetitive.

The 90-day roadmap which Bioware recently shared shows a detailed description of Act 1 additions that will include new free play missions, cosmetics, rewards, guilds and one new stronghold.

Starting in March 2019, the Evolving World update will add two new free play missions along with the existing There Be Giants and Outlaw Outrage events carrying over from February 2019. Another addition is the Legendary Mission - Phase 1 and new items and cosmetics.

April 2019 will be much bigger for Anthem with the introduction of Guilds, a new stronghold named The Sunken and Leaderboards. The Legendary Mission will continue with Phase 2 and players will also get six new free play events, a new Mastery System that will expand the in-game progression and weekly stronghold challenges.

Anthem's Cataclysm events will be coming in May 2019. Bioware describe them as "world-changing events" that will offer new enemy types along with fresh story bits.

In addition to the Cataclysm events, Anthem's May 2019 updates will include one free play event, new missions and items.

During these updates, Bioware are also looking to provide a better Anthem experience to players with recurring updates such as bug fixes, improvements, optimisation, daily, weekly and monthly challenges, new rewards and cosmetics.

The developers noted that all the content listed in the roadmap is still subject to change as they are still exploring all options and listening to the community's feedback.

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While many players will probably be happy with the latest roadmap from Bioware, others may find it a bit underwhelming that some of the upcoming content was not in the game from day one. 

It's safe to say that Anthem wasn't well received with mostly but hopefully,  Bioware will manage to weather the storm in the upcoming months.

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