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Marvel's Spider-Man: PS4 vs PS5 graphics comparison video

Published: 13:25, 01 October 2020
Updated: 13:26, 01 October 2020
Sony Interactive Entertainment
ray-tracing reflections in Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered captured on PS5
Real-time ray-traced reflections in Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered (PS5)

Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 is a stunning experience. It's arguably one of the most gorgeous games this generation, and one of the best PlayStation exclusives to date. We take a look at graphics improvements coming with the Remastered version.

A YouTuber named ElAnalistaDeBits , known for releasing detailed comparison content on his channel, has released an in-depth analysis video of Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered compared to the original PS4 version.

Here are some of the key differences between the original PS4 version of the Marvel's Spider-Man and the Remastered gameplay captured on PS5:

  • 60 frames-per-second makes a huge difference; gameplay looks more fluid
  • Improved draw-distance
  • More realistic color tonality (little grayer overall)
  • Some shadows and textures in the distance are not present on PS5 (this may be due to the Performance mode, which reduces some graphics quality to boost the framerate to 60fps)
  • Improved textures of various objects and clothing
  • Much-better lightning brings the game one step closer to the real-life
  • Ray-traced real-time reflections (on windows, cars, PUDDLES, etc.) look absolutely AMAZING!
  • Global lightning dims some details but gives a more realistic look in return
  • Peter Parker looks completely different now (Tom Holland-like) - This is going to feel weird at first, compared to when they change the actor in your favorite TV show.

AltChar A collage of screenshots from a youtube video showing comparison between PS4 and PS5 versions of Spider-Man Marvel's Spider-Man: PS5 (left) vs PS4 (right) graphics comparison

You’ll be able to download Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered at the PlayStation 5 console launch if you purchase the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition physically or digitally for $69.99/ €79.99.

We can't wait to see those Photo Mode-made screenshots when the game rolls out.

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