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Shooter kills three at the Madden 19 tournament after a loss

Published: 09:53, 27 August 2018
Updated: 14:07, 27 August 2018
Madden NFL 19 screenshot showing Ezekiel Elliott in his home uniform.
Madden NFL 19

In what seems like the worst tragedy that has ever struck in anything esports related, Dan Katz, a 24 year old from Baltimore, Maryland, has taken the lives of two fellow players in Madden NFL 19 qualifying tournament before taking his own.

The deceased victims are said to be Taylor 'SpotMePlzzz' Robertson from Ballard, West Virginia and Eli 'Trueboy' Clayton, from Woodland Hills, California. The gruesome ordeal took place at EA's Madden NFL 19 Championship Series qualifying tournament in Jacksonville Florida on Sunday,

It turns out that Katz was competing in the NFL 19 tournament, losing in the group stage to Clayton on Saturday. Having refused to shake Clayton's hand after the loss, it was attributed to simply being a sore loser. Indeed, most who are familiar with Katz's gaming career claim he was extremely dedicated and serious about it.

Katz returned to the NFL 19 Championship Series on Sunday, this time around with a firearm that had a red dot laser sight. Seeing as how the tournament was streamed online via Twitch, the image of the red dot appearing on Clayton is said to be the last one where he was seen alive. The Twitch feed went dark, but not before shots and screams could be heard in the background.

The gunman proceeded to fire shots into the crowd, killing Robertson and injuring 11 other people in the process. Note that all 11 have been hospitalised and are stable at the time of writing. Ultimately, Katz turned the gun on himself.

EA halted the tournament with immediate effect and issued a statement via all media. Developers around the globe are in disbelief and are sending condolences, with Bungie even announcing a day of silence on all Bungie and Destiny channels. 

EA EA's statement after a shooting on NFL Madden 19 tournament EA's statement

The tragedy is likely to have far seizing consequences, both for casual gaming and esports tournaments as well. Such a horrible precedent is likely to leave a huge mark and personally, I'm still shellshocked to the point of not knowing what to think.

We at AltChar would like to send the sincerest of condolences to the families and friends of Clayton and Robertson.

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