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Madden NFL 21 Patch 1.09 available for the PS4, Xbox One, PC

Published: 08:30, 17 September 2020
Electronic Arts
EA Sports Madden NFL 21 Title update
Madden NFL 21 Title update

EA released a patch for Madden NFL 21 and addressed an issue where PC players would receive an error message and were unable to boot the game (Origin).

Madden NFL 21 update 1.09 is available for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC (Origin/Steam), so be sure to check out the patch notes below:

  • MUT Squads: Addressed an issue when MUT Squad Roles are not being respected properly when performing certain pass plays
  • MUT Squads: Addressed an issue when on Fake Kick run plays the MUT Squad Roles were not being respected properly
  • Addressed an issue when two users on offense cannot pass the ball after a handoff on RPO Peeks and Reads
  • Addressed additional visual issues with player uniforms
  • Addressed an issue where Origin PC players would receive an error message and were unable to boot Madden NFL 21

EA also plans to release Madden NFL 21 Franchise Updates and they are set to arrive in mid-November (first of 3 updates).

Here’s a list of community requests the team is currently implementing and testing. As we get closer to the release, things could change, so keep that in mind.

  1. X-Factor/Superstar Ability Customization: This highly requested feature by the community allows commissioners to assign X-Factors to any player via the edit player feature. Once a player has met the criteria to unlock an X-Factor ability, commissioners will be able to edit their player’s Superstar abilities and Superstar X-Factor ability by selecting from those available within his position group. Users will have control over this functionality in both offline and online Franchises.
  2. Player Card Career Stats UI: A top community request for several years now, the team is revamping the statistics on the player card to include more context in-season stats, like week, opponent, and outcome, while also providing what team the player was on for every year of their career.
  3. Dev Trait Regression Tuning: The team is doing tuning work to player development traits in Franchise mode to ensure a proper balance of Superstar and X-Factor players when progressing multiple years in a Franchise.
  4. Playoff Bracket: A visual playoff bracket will be added into the game that reflects the new Wild Card format, allowing users to see the full playoff picture.

EA Sports Madden NFL 21 cover Madden 21 - best selling game in August 2020, U.S.

Madden NFL 21 was a top-selling game in the United States last month , with mixed-user reviews appearing online, but EA is working on addressing many issues and making the Madden NFL 21 better with each update.

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