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Lutzburg departs, Riot Games left with 198 years of game design experience

Published: 18:44, 02 June 2021
Updated: 19:28, 02 June 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Wukong
League of Legends - Wukong

Riot Games has talent that constantly comes and goes but some individuals are remembered long after leaving the company. Such is the case with Lutzburg, who gave us an unforgettable meme.

Nathan "Lutz" Lutzburg worked on several major projects during his stay with Riot Games, including Malphite's rework but the other two highlights are the ones most players will remember him by.

The most recent among them is the Volibear VGU, which properly reinvented the character and transformed him from a cuddly bear with some armour into a force of nature that stops turrets and sows fear in the enemy backline.

However, it was Wukong rework where he cooperated with Meddler and August to bring the champion to a better state that marked Lutz's legacy in both Riot Games and internet as we know it. Everyone loves memes and he inadvertently created a fantastic one.

Wukong's rework resulted in major kit changes for the champion, which also meant he would have less damage overall. Lowering the damage output didn't sit well with one of the most well-known one-tricks in LoL community and he complained about it on Twitter. At the time, no one could really expect what followed though.

Lutzburg responded with an epic line from the tweet below and instantly made history.

Yup, it was him - the man, the myth, the legend, who created the meme that haunts Riot to this day. Lutz and the rest of the company embraced the meme and he even referenced it in the announcement where he let everyone know he would seek fortune elsewhere after spending 200...err, 2 years at Riot.

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