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Lost Ark - Silver Combat Raptor Mount Awarded From Prime Gaming Loot

Published: 03:59, 06 April 2022
Lost Ark -Silver Combat Raptor Mount
Lost Ark -Silver Combat Raptor Mount

Lost Ark mounts are a point of pride for all players owning rare ones. The newest addition, originating from the Prime Gaming Loot, is the Silver Combat Raptor players are calling the Armored Raptor Mount.

New Prime Gaming loot is now available for Lost Ark, including the Silver Combat Raptor in-game mount!

If you are a user of Amazon's Prime Gaming, make sure to pick up the new mount alongside 5 days of Crystalline Aura and an Amythest Shard Pack containing 500 shards. The SIlver Combat Raptor Mount, also known as the Armored Raptor Mount loot is available to claim until May 3, alongside the rest of the loot.

This isn't the first time a craze has happened over some Lost Ark Prime Gaming loot. the last one included an interesting Pet, that had only one ability and was the herald of pet farms that are commonplace in Korea but have not yet been established in the Western release of the game.

Comparatively, the PRime Gaming loot this time around is much better, at least in the short-term, with a sleek-looking and dangerous-feeling mount ready to carry you across Arkesia.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Terpeion Mount Lost Ark - Terpeion Mount

Beware, though, that Mounts are not a pay-to-win option. At the end of the day, some basic horses can serve the same, core, function just as the Raptor Mount can. There is no denying that your Gear Level 1415 Berserker will look far better on the latter than the former, though!

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