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Lost Ark - New Dungeon Thronespire is Coming With June Update

Published: 23:53, 02 June 2022
Lost Ark - Thronespire
Lost Ark - Thronespire

Though June will have no new advanced classes coming to Arkesia, the addition of a new dungeon is content enough to keep us all busy for quite some time.

Thronespire is a new single-player dungeon experience in a twisted dimension with 50 levels. Once you enter a floor, you’ll have a limited amount of time to clear it before moving to the next, or failing and need to re-try.

While similar to the Shadowspire and Fatespire solo dungeons, Thronespire has a few key differences. In Thronespire, you’ll battle until overwhelmed, working to defeat as many floors and enemies as possible before you meet your match and succumb to the Demon Legions.

Completing the first 25 floors grant first-time clear rewards, as you’ll earn all rewards for the floors you conquer. The other 25 floors are focused on prestige and completion time, thus proving you have the solo skills it takes to conquer anything the Demon Legions throw your way.

Lost Ark - Kungelanium Lost Ark - Kungelanium


Players will need to be item level 1325 to participate.

This is merely one of the many additions we can expect for the month of June. And while this month will have no new classes added to the game, that is reserved for July, the new dungeon and new Guardian Raid should be more than enough to tide us over in the interim, before Arcanist hits arkesia in all her Arcane glory.

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