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Lost Ark May Update Introduces Challenge Guardian Raids

Published: 09:06, 13 May 2022
Lost Ark - Kungelanium
Lost Ark - Kungelanium

We have had the casual Guardian Raids in Lost Ark, with the April update. Now, get ready for the other end of the difficulty spectrum, the Challenge Guardian Raids.

In the April update, developers introduced the Casual Guardian Raids to Lost Ark. In this event the Scale of Balance is applied to change the character's stats to match the Guardian's level, and the difficulty is adjusted according to the number of participants in the raid.

On the other end of that spectrum are the Challenge Guardian Raids, coming to Lost Ark with the May update.

Challenge Guardian Raids will add a new weekly activity for players looking for a challenge. Each week, players can attempt to defeat three Challenge Guardians.

Every Guardian has their own required item level to enter, and each week one Guardian will rotate out, replaced by a different foe. Differing from a normal Guardian Raid, Challenge Guardian Raids will also apply ‘Scale of Balance’ so that your characters’ item level will be adjusted appropriately to that of their enemy.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Guardian Raid Lost Ark - Guardian Raid

Additionally, players cannot use the Battle Workshop in the raid region. However, with increased challenge comes increased rewards. Rewards for each Challenge Guardian can be obtained once per roster, per week, and offer more diverse rewards than normal Guardian Raids.

This will, hopefully, be the content we all needed and missed with the April update, to fill South Vern with more of a feeling of virtual life.

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