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Lost Ark - Hidden achievement gives players free Amethyst Shards

Published: 06:35, 19 February 2022
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Lost Ark visuals certainly already look the part
Lost Ark visuals certainly already look the part

Have you witnessed players spamming in chat for others to add them, for no reason at all? Well, there is actually good reason for that, and here is why.

In the past 24 hours, on all servers of the Western release, Lost Ark players have been spamming the chat with messages asking other players to add them. Why is this the case?

That would be because of a hidden achievement in Lost Ark, where, when you get fifty friends in-game, you are awarded one thousand Amethyst Shards.

The way to add friends in Lost Ark is:

  • Go to the Community Section,
  • Navigate to the Friends option,
  • Click on the Request tab,
  • Type in your friend's name.

Once you've managed to collect fifty friends, one thousand Amethyst Shards will be sent your way, and all you have to do is claim them, which is as easy as clicking a button, literally.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Sailing Lost Ark - Sailing

Amethyst Shards is a currency in Lost Ark, used to buy premium content, such as various cosmetics, exclusive pets, and even a boat, which cannot be bought with any of the other currencies. We have to warn you though, one thousand Amethyst Shards won't really be enough to get you any of the actually good stuff you're looking for.

Still, free money is free money, and every city, on every continent, on every western server in Lost Ark right now is experiencing players calling for others to add them to their friends' list.

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