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Lords of the Fallen 2 logo revealed; will be CI Games' largest project yet

Published: 16:37, 11 January 2021
CI Games
Lords of the Fallen 2 artwork showing the game's logo
Lords of the Fallen 2

CI Games have revealed a brand new logo for their upcoming souls-like title Lords of the Fallen 2. The devs also confirmed the sequel will be their biggest game yet and it should be coming sometime next year.

Polish developer CI Games, who you may know as the creators of Sniper games and Lords of the Fallen, a souls-like RPG, are currently working on their biggest project yet, which is Lords of the Fallen 2, a sequel to their 2014's game.

CI Games just revealed a brand new logo for the game along with some other details. They confirmed that as things stand, Lord of the Fallen 2 should launch sometime next year. Specific release date or window has not been mentioned by the devs. 

Still, the fans of the game will be happy to hear that a release is close, especially after the development troubles and earlier delays. The game should be coming to next-gen consoles and PC.

CI Games lords of the fallen artwork showing a bald warrior with tattoos on his face Lords of the Fallen

Additionally, CI Games confirmed that this will be their biggest project yet so expect a game of a huge scope in terms of production. The original was a solid title but sadly did not manage to reach the critical acclaim like some other games from the same genre. 

Last but not least, the studio revealed that Lords of the Fallen sold more than 3 million units thus far, which certainly is not a small number, especially for a smaller, AA game.

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