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LoLdle Ability Solution November 6 - Triggerseed

Published: 14:15, 07 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Ivern
League of Legends - Ivern

Another obscure ability icon popped up in LoLdle, sending League fans to solve a more intricate puzzle of guess the Champion.

Ability icons in League of Legends usually feature the Champion's image within them but some don't as Riot Games portrayed the characters' traits in more ways than one. 

On top of that, most people just memorise the general outline of the image and not the details so when something along those lines pops up on LoLdle, it's hard to determine which champion it belongs to.

For example, when the image of Triggerseed appeared on November 6, 2022, it wasn't that obvious it belongs to Ivern the Green Father.

The ability is on his E slot if you want to guess the sub-question afterwards and it's the one that provides the explosive shield to Ivern or an ally, hence the volatile name.

Ironically, Ivern's good nature which is clearly visible in the game is an absolute contrast to what he was once upon a time when he was a human.

Riot Games League of Legends Wild Rift - Duel your friends and acquaintances until the end of September The Iceborn were the reason Ivern went to Ionia

At the time, he was a brutal warlord whose cruelty seemed to know no bounds. After an eastward voyage, he and his band of pillagers started razing Ionian villages, after which they set their eyes on a sacred grove.

This is where things got funky as Ivern to Cruel cut a sacred tree and before he knew, he was changed, body and soul to become the protector of the forests and possibly an unsung hero in the future of humanity.


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