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LoL: YamatoCannon could be joining FNATIC as their new head coach

Published: 18:26, 12 November 2020
Updated: 18:29, 12 November 2020
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League of Legends coach YamatoCannon
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According to reliable sources, YamatoCannon could become the head coach of one of the most successfull League of Legends and esports organizations - Fnatic.

This year's offseason has been one of the most hectic ones in the League of Legends esports scene, at least when it comes to roster moves. Rumors are spreading left and right and after the most recent speculation that G2's Perkz might be joining the Cloud9 roster, we've got new one that could be just as impactful.

According to Jacob Wolf , a well-known esports journalist, Jacob Mebdi, better known as YamatoCannon could be taking the head coach role for Fnatic. As for their current coach Mithy, his future seems undecided at the moment. If C9 manage to sign Perkz, there is a possibility that he could be filling a coaching position in the NA organization, alongside his former teammate.

Even though esports coaches don't get that much recognition, Yamato has become one of the most popular figures in the professional scene. Yamato was an important part of many European teams and he has become the first western coach to take over a team in the Korean LCK.

He is probably most known for his resilient performance with Vitality in the 2018 World Championship where they pretty much established a new tournament meta by taking down the favourites Gen.G and RNG.

Can FNATIC dethrone G2? Can FNATIC dethrone G2?

After reaching two Worlds quarterfinals and two LEC finals and it's hard to say that Fnatic had a bad year overall, but there is a feeling that they didn't turn up when it mattered the most. Adding Yamato, who's more of a motivational coach compared to Mithy, could give Fnatic the upper edge in some crucial situations they've recently fallen short.

Yamato joining Fnatic, as well as Perkz leaving for NA would surely add more flavor to the LEC and perhaps end G2's domestic dominance.

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