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LoL season 12 meta is moving towards the scaling champions unnaturally

Published: 07:29, 28 January 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Vladimir - Cosmic Vladimir Splash art
Cosmic Vladimir

Riot Games have been very open about their desire to make League games longer, and reverse the snowball meta that has developed in recent years. While this is commendable, the way they are doing it is, perhaps, not so much.

The natural progression of League of Legends, in recent years, has followed the path the power creep has set out before it. That is, as Riot Games add more and more damage to the game, the ones to reach a certain amount of it first, at whatever stage in the game, practically automatically win.

To combat this, in season 12 Riot Games have introduced multiple changes. The first, and most obvious one is the objectives bounty system. Are the enemy players too fed for you to do anything? Take the objectives on the other side of the map, and use the gold to scale back up as much as possible.

Do you have an advantage in-game? Make sure the advantage is actually big enough that you can stomp the enemy team because if not, the enemy Kayle or Vladimir will scale up to 1v9 your entire team. If they have a walking buff called Yuumi on their team, then that becomes a certainty.

Riot Games League of Legends - Kayle League of Legends - Kayle

Aside from that, the Crown of the Shattered Queen is another AP defensive item given to mages, to help them survive should the players not know how to position properly and give them time to fire off a full rotation of their abilities. Add on that a Zhonyas hourglass, and AD champion can kiss any perceived damage they can deal goodbye.

While having a vision for the game is all well and good, enforcing it in an unnatural way is definitely not. Especially so when you've done nothing to combat the survivability the shielding and healing give to hyper-carry champions, whose main counterplay is bursting them before they get a chance to delete your entire team, which, as you can guess, is all but impossible nowadays.

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