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LoL: fans outraged at Riot's controversial decision not to nerf healing

Published: 21:44, 28 December 2020
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League of Legends Yuumi splash art
Yuumi isn't getting deleted after all

A Reddit comment on the official League of Legends subreddit about the nerfs to the in-game healing mechanic has caused a lot of attention and players are claiming that Riot was dishonest in one of their statements earlier this season.

After a hectic start, Riot seemed to have manged to give balance to the League of Legends meta. But, according to the majority of the player base, there are still many game-ruining problems that need some additional work.

One of the most controversial ones is definitely healing. Excessive healing on a strong bruiser/fighter often gives the impression that a champion is unkillable in a certain meta. There was even a "Delete Yuumi"  movement where many casual and professional players voiced their opinions about this troublesome cat, claiming that she offered no counterplay.

No matter the rank, everyone has faced a 7/3 Graves-Yuumi combination that can play frontline tank while also being able to dish out huge amounts of damage and two-shot AD carries.

In one of their  articles  earlier this season, Riot addressed the fact that healing has become so common that healing reduction effects like Grevious Wounds became a must for most team compositions. They've also said that there will be additional ways to counter excessive healing

However, little has been done since then and we've now got a somewhat casual Riot statement in form of a Reddit comment that they've actually given up on the healing nerfs claiming that healing is a "core and natural mechanic in League".

Riot games League of Legends champion Soraka splash art Are healers too strong at the moment?

Naturally, this led to outrage on the official League of Legends subreddit where the post accumulated over 2k upvotes so far.

While some are fuming over the actual news, others are angrier about the way Riot decided to casually announce such a big statement, considering that it's one of the biggest problems in the game at the moment.

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