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LoL eSports - Riot Celebrates Nordic Talent in Hype Video

Published: 06:56, 14 October 2022
Updated: 11:33, 14 October 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends pro player Caps on stage
Claps back in business

To celebrate and show support for local talent, Riot Games has today released a hype video focused on the six Nordic-born professional players that qualified and are competing in the 2022 League of Legends World Championship.

In the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, frequently called Worlds, there are six pro players hailing from the Nordics. To celebrate their achievements, Riot Games made an epic hype video where fans from across the Nordics come together to celebrate them. 

And unlike the  LCS , Scandinavia is the giant of the LEC region.

The six players, four from Denmark and two from Sweden, are:

  • Rasmus “CaPs” Borregaard Winther from G2 Esports
  • Martin “Wunder” Nordahl Hansen from Fnatic
  • Nikolaj “Jensen” Jensen, Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen from Cloud9
  • Emil “Larssen” Larsson from Rogue
  • William “UNF0RGIVEN” Nieminen from MAD Lions

G2 Wunder recently got fined for playing WoW Classic during LEC G2 Wunder recently got fined for playing WoW Classic during LEC G2 Wunder recently got fined for playing WoW Classic during LEC

Worlds is the most-watched esports event in the world, with last year’s final in Reykjavik boasting over 73 million concurrent viewers at its peak.

This year, the tournament takes place in North America, giving Riot Games the perfect opportunity to film the video at Almannagjá in Iceland, a unique valley where the European and North American tectonic plates meet.

Central to the video is the use of the now-iconic “Viking Clap” - first made popular worldwide during the UEFA EURO 2016, as the Icelandic national men’s football team outperformed all expectations. 

All in all, while the scene is heating up in North America, the cold permeates the Nordics.

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