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LoL Esports: North America gets the first Tier 2 turret at Worlds and more

Published: 20:07, 13 October 2022
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League of Legends champion Ornn Thunder Lord skin
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Cloud 9 came swinging in the second week of League of Legends World Championship 2022 group stage and broke the curse of the first week.

North American League of Legends fans were disillusioned after the first week of World Championship 2022 where their teams not only failed to win any games but also didn't manage to destroy any turrets past the most exposed ones.

All of that was changed in the second week when Cloud 9 demolished Fnatic's turrets, inhibitors and the Nexus itself without much trouble as they proved to be the much more composed side.

European downfall began in the early game after a bad play by Razork in the bot lane, which resulted in the first blood in favour of C9 and the disadvantage was compounded not long after when a bad call resulted in a disastrous 3v3 fight near the herald.

Fudge dominated the match on Ornn for most of the game, not only tanking on the front line but also taking the damage-dealing lead until the very last fight when Jensen dethroned him.

Speaking of the C9 mid laner, he had a fantastic highlight seconds before the first Baron would spawn as he used Orianna's ultimate to interrupt Jarvan's E-Q combo as he attempted to escape. 

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As a result, C9 killed Razork which enabled them to take the Baron uncontested, which also meant taking down the first Tier 2 turret for the region in the entire tournament.

The match was in C9's control from the beginning until the end, resulting in the first NA victory of the competition and likely the end of both western teams in the group.

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