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LoL esports: Griffin saga sees Kanavi becoming a free agent

Published: 00:23, 24 October 2019
League of Legends - Former Griffin's jungler substitute, Kanavi
League of Legends - Former Griffin's jungler substitute, Kanavi

Griffin, one of League of Legends World Championship 2019 participants representing Korea, was embroiled in a mismanagement saga that shed more light on cvMax's departure from the team. It has a bit of a satisfying conclusion though as Kanavi managed to become a free agent.

Korea's team Griffin turned out to have many skeletons in the closet. These dirty secrets started getting exposed by the team's former coach, Kim "cvMax" Dae-Ho. In short, he came to blows with the team manager, Cho Gyu-nam, several times over the latter's mismanagement of the team that included prohibiting the team members from visiting a gym, feeding substitutes with food leftovers of the main roster's meals and more.

One of the transgressions was the loan of a young prospect, Seo "Kanavi" Jin-hyeok, who was apparently pressured into accepting an unfavourable contract by Cho himself. Griffin loaned Kanavi to China's JD Gaming, upon which the team received compensation but the player was stuck with a long-term contract at minimum wage.

Following cvMax's allegation and the subsequent storm that formed on Reddit, Riot Games and KeSPA started an in the Kanavi transfer to JD Gaming. Cho was fired around the same time as the CEO of Still8, Griffin's parent company, stepped in and apologised to cvMax for the unfair treatment.

Not long after the announcement of Cho's departure, Still8 also announced that Kanavi is no longer with the team and that the talented youngster is now a .

In a normal situation, becoming a free agent wouldn't be seen in a positive light but this is something Kanavi wanted and saw as a way out of a contract he was reportedly pressured into.

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The situation in Griffin seems to be stabilising as the team went on a proper rampage at Worlds following the dismissal of the former manager. They will face the reigning world champions, Invictus Gaming in the quarterfinals.

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