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LoL esports: Fnatic and Selfmade officially part ways

Published: 12:07, 28 May 2021
FNC Selfmade
FNC Selfmade

Rumours of Selfmade not extending contract with Fnatic have been circling for months and they turned to facts recently when the two parties went their separate ways.

Selfmade was one of the spotlight players in Fnatic ever since he arrived to replace Broxah. The jungler had big shoes to fill and he did it with style but it seems like this match was not made in heaven and had to come to an end.

The player spoke about not renewing the contract with FNC months before the organisation announced he wouldn't be with the team during LEC Summer Split 2021 but some fans still hoped this wouldn't come to pass. 

It did, however, and Fnatic announced that they would part ways with the player, one split before his contract would run out. It is assumed that the team will gain some money this way, as opposed to letting Selfmade go into free agency at the end of the season.

His replacement will apparently not be a newcomer. Instead, Bwipo will switch from top lane to jungle which is a move that many fans are questioning already. Bwipo had a standout performance during Spring Split against G2 but he's definitely not the constant performer that boosts the team's skill ceiling. Considering he will be placed in the most impactful role on the Rift, the player will have the work cut out for him.

Whether Wide Bwipo manages to switch the role successfully and FNC manage to find their footing remains to be seen.

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