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LoL Esports: Faker Voices Displeasure Over Chronobreak during T1 vs HLE

Published: 01:44, 14 July 2022
T1 Faker
T1 Faker

League of Legends has had its fair share of bugs during competitions that needed taking care of. However, it seems that they've, recently, been slacking on the effectiveness of their staff.

Chronobreak in League of Legend s is a way Riot Games use to prevent unfair matches due to in-game bugs. What this mechanic does is, it reverts the game to a point in time before the bug happened, thus avoiding the need to have the match restarted from scratch.

During a game of T1 vs HLE, there were a number of bugs, some of which were ignored, while others forced Riott to use Chronobreak, at the most inopportune times, far too late.

During the second game, in a best out of three, there was a bug with Guma's runes, which Riot decided needed no Chronobrea. During game three, Chronobreak was implemented due to  Oner noticing a bug with his smite, calling it out to the referee, who says nothing, so Oner plays on. It's only later, after T1 made a sizable lead, and showed their game strategy that they decide to Chronobreak after all.

Riot Games League of Legends pro player Faker on stage Faker

"It's regretful that a game-preventing bug kept happening during round 1. I also felt last season and in today's game that when a bug occurs, the speed at which it is resolved takes too long compared to what caused it. And it's disappointing this affects in-game play", Faker said.

He goes on to explain that they got 5 kills first, putting their team at an advantage. Deciding to Chronobreak the game after that, giving HLE another shot at playing, basically, cheapens the game both for players and the fans.

In the end, T1 still took the win. That may not be a good thing tough, as it means that it will all be sweet under the rug, most likely, and the issue won't be solved. Had they lost, however, while it would be bad for T1, it would force Riot to actually look at the problem, and try to solve it.

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