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LoL - Ashe Picked More as Support Than ADC for Five Patches

Published: 20:51, 29 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Ashe ADC still has a good pick rate
League of Legends - Ashe ADC still has a good pick rate

Riot Games have been giving out mini reworks left and right. One champion that isn't even close to getting one, is seemingly being pushed out of her role, into that of a support.

Riot Games update League of Legends with balance changes, bugfixes and more every two weeks, with their regularly scheduled patches. they are missing one thing though, repeatedly.

it is a fact that Ashe, the archetype ADC  and one of the most iconic League of Legends champions, is seemingly getting relegated to the support role with the shifting of the meta.

However, that is not the case at all. In fact, it is the other way around. The first patch Ashe support became the more frequent pick of the two, was patch 12.11.

However, currently, Ashe ADC has a higher pick rate than what this champion used to have, before Ashe support became meta. This means that, usually, it's two completely different groups of people playing this champion, instead of one having abandoned it for another.

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Furthermore, where champions like Brand and Zyra, were relegated to the support role, due to their kit being unable to keep up in the mid lane, and turning from a mid-lane burst mage into a support control mage, Ashe has not been relegated to only using her W and R.

Instead, her power as a Support comes from her long-range auto attacks, which help her ADC poke down the enemy and kite them at the same time. In essence, Ashe support is definitely not a bad thing, for Ashe ADC or League of Legends in general.

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