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Let It Die: Our first impressions of the game

Published: 21:55, 09 January 2017
Updated: 23:29, 31 May 2017
Grasshopper Manufacture
Picture of Uncle Death in Let it Die video game
Let It Die

We've played the new free-to-play game by Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online Entertainment, here's what we thought

Developed by Grasshoper Manufacture and published by GungHo Online Entertainment, the new free-to-play title - Let It Die - is all sorts of fun.

We've spent quite some time playing the new game, and we can definitely see why it's no surprise that the game since its launch on December 3. The game is everything you would expect from Goichi Suda, a.k.a Suda 51 - the guy who brought us Killer7, Lollipop Chainsaw, The Silver Case and many other twisted, yet awesome titles.

Check out embedded in this article to hear our first impressions of the game. Saying that we had loads of fun playing it would be a massive understatement.