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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 gets Black Panther DLC

Published: 22:17, 13 February 2018
Updated: 22:36, 13 February 2018
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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Black Panther DLC for Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is out and has been conveniently timed, what with the movie premiering on Friday, 16 February 2018. The movie is expected to hit in the ballpark of £119 million on the premiere night, but Warner's out for your lunch money as well.

The story follows "the legendary Wakandan Super Hero and his sister Shuri" against Erik Killmonger, who kidnapped Everett K. Ross. While it'd normally be safe to assume that players will eventually find Killmonger and kick his behind, that doesn't really happen. 

The story actually finishes before Black Panther gets a chance to face his nemesis, which may be Warner's way to make you come and see the movie. We're not sure whether they care about how you'll pay for your popcorn.

YouTube A lego figure depicting Black Panther, Marvel's popular character Black Panther DLC: The king of Wakanda

The DLC pack goes for £2.15, unless you've purchased the Season Pass in which case it's free. Well, that's if you disregard the price of the Pass, which stands at £10.79 There are new playable characters as well - players will be getting their mitts on Black Panther (Vibranium Suit), Okoye, Nakia, Erik Killmonger (Black Panther), Ulysses Klaue and Everett K. Ross.

The movie's popularity has gone through the roof with the premiere projections having been corrected several times to better reflect the interest by moviegoers. With that in mind, it did make financial sense to push the DLC through as well.

What didn't go through with some reviewers though is that £2.15 barely buys you anything, when you come right down to it. You can complete the entire DLC in just 14 minutes and the ending is pretty anticlimactic.

We're sure that Warner's insistence on coinciding with the movie somehow made life difficult for many a programmer in question, and although seemingly fun - ultimately it ends up looking like a glorified advertisement. Which YOU pay for.

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