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Legend of Bum-bo, a prequel to Binding of Isaac, gameplay trailer

Published: 19:23, 21 April 2018
Legend of Bum-bo logo
The Legend of Bum-bo

Edmund McMillen revealed the gameplay for Legend of Bum-bo yesterday after a long period of silence about the game. Bum-bo is the protagonist and the game itself is a prequel to the Binding of Isaac series. Bum-bo wants more coins!

The Legend of Bum-bo was announced last year, even though we haven't heard about it since. Now, Edmund McMillen, creator of the Gish, Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac series has teased some gameplay for Legend of Bum-bo.

The game serves as a prequel for Binding of Isaac and features the titular protagonist Bum-bo. Bum-bo goes through similar ordeals as Isaac but he fights back throwing items such as vomit and faeces at them. Everything is essentially made of cardboard in Legend of Bum-bo.

McMillen Legend of Bum-bo with poo in the background Legend of Bum-bo - What combat looks like in the game

The game will not be action focused like Isaac was but instead takes on more of a turn-based puzzle route. In layman's terms, it's a connect four game much like Bejeweled or Candy Crush, although it's safe to assume it has much more depth to it than the aforementioned.

Isaac was forced into running from his mother by going into the basement. Ultimately he went all the way down to Hell and the Void and whatnot, as well as somehow even manage to go to Heaven. Bum-bo came to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and get his coins back from whoever stole them.

McMillen Legend of Bum-bo character selection Legend of Bum-bo - Multiple characters will be available like in Binding of Isaac

If you don't find gross things like that funny, none of McMillen's games will appeal to you, as most of them are built to portray dark eerie settings with copious amounts of underlying lore. Both the Isaac series and the prequel feature Biblical mentions and are very religion-oriented.

Interestingly, Bum-bo can be found as a pick-up in Binding of Isaac. He's basically a Familiar that follows Isaac around, picking up coins and upgrading himself the more he collects. Eventually he detaches himself from Isaac and starts walking around the room slamming enemies.


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