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Hades is racking up rewards left and right

Published: 10:18, 31 December 2020
Supergiant Games

Hades, the bombastic action RPG by Supergiant Games, has had a year to remember despite launching relatively late in 2020, and the rewards keep racking up.

Now, if you're familiar with Supergiant Games, you'd know that Hades is no accident, as it sprouted from an already awesome repertoire that features games like Transistor and Pyre. You could've picked up Transistor for free from Epic Games Store but if not, trust us when we say it's worth every penny. 

Back to Hades - this year's The Game Awards saw the dev pick up a bunch of nominations, and their cup would've run over had there not been for The Last of Us Part II.

 Nevertheless, the splendid RPG still picked up the Best Action Game and Best Indie Game and the fact it competed against TLOU2 says enough about how passion and a little bit of experience can catch up with the biggest budgeted games out there. 

Hades picked up nine nominations on The Game Awards, winning two of them, which is similar to their Golden Joystick Awards performance, where they won two out of six nominations. 

It should not be surprising to see many publications decide on Hades being their top pick for 2020, with CGMagazine and Eurogamer being among the last ones to officially cast their vote. The last of us to do so, Part 2, wink wink. 

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We're not sure whether Supergiant Games expected Hades to make such a splash and run neck to neck with games whose texture budgets could buy their whole studio, but we're sure glad things turned out as they did. Now please find a way to continue Transistor, pretty please?

Hades, Supergiant Games' rogue-like dungeon crawler

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