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Apex Legends leak reveals Octane and his ultimate ability

Published: 14:18, 01 March 2019
Updated: 14:22, 01 March 2019
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Apex Legends

Octane is described as High-Speed Daredevil and the leaked screenshot also reveals his passive, tactical and ultimate abilities. Apparently, Octane will be able to heal himself, run faster and deploy launch pad as his ultimate ability.

Ever since the surprise release in early February 2019, Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legend has been a bona fide hit and many consider the game a breath of fresh air in the oversaturated battle royale genre.

With more than players battling to become champions in the first week, it's understandable that many were excited to hear Respawn's post-launch plans and what exactly the future holds for Apex Legends.

That's why data miners and leakers started to dig through the game's files to discover various upcoming content, including a new character named Octane. While the first leaks didn't offer many details about Octane, the latest Reddit post by user Voeno reveals a shot from Legends selection screen in which Octane's passive, tactical and ultimate abilities can be seen.

Swift Mend is the name of the passive one and it heals Octane over time as long as he doesn't take any damage. This one looks a bit overpowered considering that many players love to play passively and avoid combat until the very end. However, it's possible that this particular healing effect could be one of the slower ones in the game.

Octane's tactical ability is Adrenaline Junkie, it costs 10 per cent health and makes him 30 per cent faster for 6 seconds. His ultimate ability is Launch Pad, and as the name suggests, it allows him to deploy an item, which can catapult him and probably other players into the air.

Reddit picture showing new character from apex legends Octane's skills

Of course, just like with any other leaks, take this one with a grain of salt. Having said that, there's nothing to suggest that the screenshot is fake, quite the contrary - the abilities look pretty reasonable - and the thing with most leaks is that they often sound too good to be true. This certainly isn't the case here.

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