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League of Legends Turret Bug Still Not Fixed in Patch 12.15

Published: 01:52, 12 August 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Hiding behind the turret won't help you Yone, though that isn't your style anyway
League of Legends - Hiding behind the turret won't help you Yone, though that isn't your style anyway

Since patch 12.14 was released, the stony guardians of the Rift have been dealing far less damage than they should be, with their ramping damage having a weaker scaling, and Riot have still not fixed the bug.

While towers are not a new creation of Riot Games and they have existed in DotA far before League of Legends , the way they deal damage differs greatly from DotA. With every tower hit, for three consecutive tower shots, their damage is supposed to ramp up by 40%.

Since patch 12.14, however, these tower shots have been bugged, and even patch 12.15 has not fixed them, even though Riot Games are supposed to deal with issues this big, as soon as possible.

Out of 14 bugfixes Riot Games made in patch 12.15, only thirteen of them impact the meta even remotely close, to how much the tower bug does. However, where the bugs of the Blade of the Ruined King, Rift Herald, and Swain's Nevermove, are all situational and could only appear in matches where these champions or situations occur, every LoL match has a high chance of their tower damage bugging out.

Riot Games Splash art for League of Legends champion Pantheon League of Legends - When Pantheon support dove people early with his aegis, Riot nerfed that ASAP

The impact this creates is immense, as champions who have high base stats and early game power can dive scaling enemies far more easily, and snowball the game, even more, not allowing the scaling champions the usual option of farming under the tower in safety.

To make matters worse, this bug even occurred in a professional game, where FunPlus Phoenix played against Weibo Gaming, and Weibo Gaming's top laner only received ramped-up damage at the second tower shot, leaving him far healthier to execute his dive.

And, even the Public Beta Environment servers, where patch 12.16 is well underway, have not had any testing done to try and get rid of the bug. It seems Rit are far too focused on their Udyr rework to go as planned before they turn back to take care of the rest of the game.

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