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League of Legends to change Skarner's ulti to AoE

Published: 19:30, 17 March 2023
Riot Games
League of legends champion Skarner - Battlecast Skarner skim
Battlecast Skarner

You heard it right folks, Skarner will be able to tow multiple enemies once he gets reworked in League of Legends.

Riot Games often surprise League of Legends players with new ways to twist the old champions' kits during reworks and Skarner may just be the crowning achievement.

The Rift's resident forklift scorpion is currently suffering because QSS severely cripples the usefulness of his ultimate but what if he could pull more than just one target?

We are going to find out when his VGU hits the servers as Riot Games revealed they will make it a cone-shaped skill shot instead.

Naturally, this means two things - a whole lot more pulls and the inevitable fails when he misses everything. The first part of it is the focus of the talk for now, especially because this means Skarner can theoretically pull an entire team, should they all find themselves in his cone.

There is no doubt this will make his synergy with Orianna go straight through the roof as her Shockwave can prime an entire team up for the pull while the speed buff can help Skarner reach the targets as well as tow them towards his team faster.

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In this scenario, even if someone uses QSS, they will have taken way too much damage to have a significant impact on the team fight later on, which may be a bit of an issue when it comes to balancing but it's all hypotheticals for the time being.

The devs didn't reveal much more about Skarner's abilities but the Impale changes are groundbreaking enough to make him the talk of the town.


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