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League of Legends to buff AP Shyvana in next patch

Published: 01:42, 27 January 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Shyvana
League of Legends - Shyvana

Riot Games updated the current PBE cycle with the changes that will most likely make it to live servers and AP Shyvana is getting some strong buffs in particular.

AP Shyvana is often a fun thing to try out, especially because you can blow up squishies in a single breath of fire, provided you are doing well. However, the build's main drawback was the lack of AP scaling on Shyvana's Q and W and it is these two abilities that will start benefitting from such items and runes in the future.

Starting with patch 11.3, Twin Bite (Q) will gain a 40 per cent AP scaling ratio, which is absolutely a major buff since it can mean the half-dragon can clean up heavily damaged enemies that survived E that much easier. 

On top of that, Burnout will grant her additional eight per cent movement speed for every 100 AP she has, meaning AP Shyvana will be extremely sticky and agile. Considering she has a pretty big gap closer built into the ultimate, this champion is bound to make life even harder for AD carries, once she gets going.

With these two changes , the likes of Nashor's Tooth will be extremely useful since it adds both on-hit damage and scaling for the Q ability, which also becomes fairly spammable at max rank.

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Provided you build Riftmaker and some ability haste, AP Shyvana will now have potential to shred tanks as well but we just can't help but get this feeling she will be a bit overtuned after the buffs.

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