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League of Legends Sion Nerfs May Kill the Inting Sion Strategy

Published: 06:19, 04 May 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends- Sion
League of Legends- Sion may be inting, but now he's at least not abusing

It seems that Riot are finally putting a stop to this abomination of gameplay we are experiencing across all levels of ranked competitive. To various degrees of success.

The inting Sion strategy has been popularised, and invented, by the famous League of Legends streamer Thebaustffs. In his hands, it has helped him achieve challenger multiple times on the EU West server, and even in Korea nowadays.

The strategy itself consists of abusing the Sion passive, playing as aggressively as possible, luring enemy jungler and mid laners top lane, and even when dying to get out even, by either killing an enemy or taking turret plates. And, while so much pressure is on your back, giving your team an open game on the opposite side of the map.

However, this strategy of constant pushing may come to an abrupt end, as it has been picked up by scores of players all over the competitive ladder. To combat it, Riot are nerfing the damage Sion's passive can do to turrets by 40%.

Riot Games League of Legends -  Dr. Mundo League of Legends - Dr. Mundo

Not only that, but due to the way the damage is calculated in the game, with armor modifiers, the damage Sion's passive does to towers with each auto-attack has now, on the PBE, gone from 21 damage to 8 damage, in the early game.

And while this does nothing to the damage against champions, keeping the lethality build alive, the effectiveness of said build in the overall game is going down exponentially. It seems that now, only the original creator will be able to put the strategy into practice once again.

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