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League of Legends Shieldbow and Eclipse nerfs have been detailed

Published: 05:29, 21 December 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends champion splash art - Akshan
League of Legends - Akshan

Riot Games are nerfing some of the most powerful items in League of Legends soon and all the details are now available, courtesy of PBE.

LoL 's latest PBE cycle has introduced the nerfs to Immortal Shieldbow, Eclipse and Wit's End as well as the buffs to Force of Nature.

This particular Mythic item made ADCs into unkillable monstrosities a bit too often it seems and Riot will cut its capabilities on two sides. First, there is the reduction of AD bonus from 55 to 50, which may not sound severe on its own. However, the shield proc is also getting a nerf as it only protects from 275 to 650 damage, down from 300 to 800.

Meanwhile, Eclipse only needed to be nerfed on one front. Technically it's not even a nerf since the item will simply get reverted to the previous state where the buff proc had a cooldown of eight seconds instead of six that we currently have on live.

Wit's End is getting normalised while the item is in the process of being built with the stats now more closely resembling the finished product, depending on how many components you're carrying in the inventory. The new build path is Hearthbound Axe, Nullmantle and Pickaxe.

The only item that's getting straight up buffs this time around is the Force of Nature, which gets to keep the movement speed proc for seven seconds now, up from five. On top of that, the magic damage reduction is up to 25 per cent while it was 20 per cent before. 

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
League of Legends

Mages are probably making sad noises at this point because this item is going to bring them a lot of grief in the future.

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