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League of Legends - Riot Promise 2023 to be the Biggest Year Yet

Published: 06:48, 30 November 2022
Riot Games
Arcane - Piltover at day, with the protagonists in bottom left side
The Vi changes are just in time for the Arcane

League of Legends has a formula that just works, with an event for each season, special World Championships, and a good game. So, what could they possibly come up with now?

When speaking of the golden years of League of Legends , we would say that those days are long past, with the early seasons. However, it seems that Riot Games would disagree with us on that one.

On the contrary, year after year, the number of people watching the World Championship rises, and the number of League of Legends players is on the rise as well.

Now, the Riot Games CEO has confirmed that the budget for League of Legends in 2023 will be the highest it's ever had. That's the League of Legends budget, and not game developing budget, mind you.

Riot Games League of legends URF splash art Good things come in small doses, and URF did not, during the past season

Meaning that it refers to League of Legends only, and not the various other projects Riot Games have currently in their lab.

So, what could we see coming to League of Legends this year, that we have never seen? Well, for starters, an actual seasonal event that is engaging for players more than just being a battle pass and a way to get some free skins or Orange Essence.

Furthermore, we'd like to see some more game modes introduced to League of Legends, or, at the very least, the return of some older ones that we haven't seen in a while. After all, URF gets tedious after playing it all year long.


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