League of Legends - How to fix error code 0U

Published: 12:02, 12 December 2022
Riot Games
The best way to fix error code 0U is troubleshooting with Hextech Repair Tool!
The best way to fix error code 0U is troubleshooting with Hextech Repair Tool!

When trying to play League of Legends, some players receive the error code 0U. This error causes the PBE and League of Legends clients to crash. Players can try to solve the problem by downloading the Hextech Repair Tool.

When using the PBE client to play League of Legends,  some players are encountering error number 0U. The problem prevents the client from successfully displaying the home screen, summoner icon, or any of the client tabs. 

As a result of this problem, players have reported seeing a blank screen on their PBE and LoL clients. Players who encountered this problem in the League of Legends contacted Riot Games  Support, who advised them to use the Hextech Repair Tool. While this is not an official fix, several gamers have claimed that using the utility solved their error number 0U.

When prompted, pick your PBE  client file (PBE LolClient.exe) and other suitable parameters after downloading the Hextech Repair Tool. After that, click the "start" button to allow the tool to begin. After the utility has completed its task, it is recommended that you restart your computer before attempting to launch the PBE client again. This should most likely fix the problem.

Another fix you can try is to reinstall the game to resolve the 0U error. Because the client Public Beta Environment is hosted on a League server that is continually being updated with new improvements and features, each patch includes new versions of the setup files.

The game will be updated if you reinstall League of Legends from these files. When you erase all traces of the PBE client from your computer's Registry, all League of Legends files and leftovers are removed.

Riot Games League of Legends error code 0U League of Legends error code 0U

If you're still experiencing League of Legends error code 0U, submit a support request outlining your troubles and the options you attempted with the repair tool. 

Check the 'Gather System & LoL Logs' box in the Hextech Repair Program and send folder produced by the tool to your ticket to assist Riot support in better understanding the issue.


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