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League of Legends: Riot hotfixes Neeko tower bug

Published: 19:13, 24 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends Neeko - the Curious Chameleon
League of Legends Neeko - the Curious Chameleon

Soon after Riot Games disabled Neeko from all League of Legends game modes, they came up with a fix. Neeko could transform into towers and instantly kill enemies, but that problem is now solved!

Riot just removed Neeko  from all League of Legends  game types because of this problem. Even though it was only a temporary suspension, they did not say when she would be permitted to play again.

Fortunately, Riot was able to resolve this aggravating glitch. It now implies that she may be played in all game modes. However, in her present condition, her pick rate is only 0.7%, which is the same as Aurelion Sol's. So all we can do now is wait for her mini-rework .

Riot Games fixed the "Tower Trickery", a spell that allowed Neeko to transform into turrets and almost instantly kill her enemies. Neeko could turn into objects like fountain towers and copy their damage output using her passive.

Many new bugs are being encountered. The most current and vexing problem is the Neeko tower bug. Neeko's passive gives her the ability to shapeshift into any allied champion and mimic their auto attack. 

In addition, she can shapeshift into any ally unit, such as towers. With this bug, Neeko might eventually disguise herself as a tower, the most powerful fortification.

Even while Riot Games makes every effort to decrease the number of bugs, some inevitably get through the cracks. Although the majority of issues occur in regular ranked or normal matches, significant bugs were noticed at the League of Legends World Championship 2022.

But, soon after this Neeko hilarious bug was discovered, Riot came up with a fix. Neeko is now available in all game modes.


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